South African Skateboarding Federation Official Intro 2015 – Roll with us

March 31, 2015

The Launch of the South African Skateboarding Federation (SASF)

Skateboarding is not a recognized sport in South Africa. No Stadiums have been built for us, skateparks or facilities are scarce and our athletes have not had the support unlike those in other mainstream sports in soccer, cricket or tennis.

For years we have battled to navigate the systems of a government and we have been marginalised from the traditional or mainstream sports due to this. This also been a result of our collective failure to make hard choices and organise ourselves as a united community and organisation.

In 2014, skaters from different background, disciplines (street and downhill) and spectrums of skateboarding decided to stand collectively, and work towards growing skateboarding in South Africa, getting it officially recognised as a sport and establishing a democratic representative body to protect the interest of skateboarders and the sport.

Recognition of skateboarding will change the entire landscape of the sport and culture, making skateboarding more accessible and available to anyone who wishes to participate and pursue. Skate facilities

Imagine seeing as many skateparks as there are tennis courts; imagine endless roads to practice downhill racing; imagine coaching structures, development programmes and athlete-support and recognition.

It’s not the first time, that skateboarding has tried to register as a sport, it’s not the first time someone has tried to tick the boxes, but we believe this time it is different. A collective have committed to seeing this vision through.

The South African Skateboarding Federation is a not for profit National Sport Organisation formed to establish, guide and promote the development of the skateboarding in South Africa.

Roll with us.


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